Kimari Collier

Kimari Collier is a Advocate Specialist with LiveSAFE Resources.

Rod Demery is the SAKI Task Force Coordinator. 

Shelane Gilliam-Smith

Shelane D. Gilliam-Smith is a Detective with the Atlanta Police Department.

Crispin Henry

Crispin Henry is a Senior Investigator with the DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office.

Keith Howard

Keith Howard is a Chief Deputy of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office.

Amy Hutsell

Amy Hutsell is the Human Trafficking, Child Abuse and Sexual Assault Program Director at the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council of Georgia.

Christie Nerbonne is a Criminal Investigator with the Cobb County District Attorney’s Office.

David Proctor

David Procter is an Investigator with the Prosecuting Attorneys' Council of Georgia. Previously, he worked approximately 30 years as a state investigator, most of that period as a Special Agent with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. He now serves as the Statewide Investigator on the SAKI Task Force.

Theresa Schiefer

Theresa Schiefer is a Senior Assistant District Attorney at the Cobb County District Attorney’s Office where she has been a felony prosecutor since 2013..

Emma Wulff

Emma Wulff serves as the SAKI Assistant at the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council.

Lee Young Williams

Lee Young Williams currently serves as a Sexual Assault Resource Prosecutor for the Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council of Georgia (PAC) and is assigned to the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI) Task Force as the Statewide Prosecutor.