Domestic Violence

Unit Overview:

The Criminal Justice Coordinating Council’s (CJCC), Domestic Violence Unit (DV), funds programs that serve victims of domestic violence throughout the state. These programs provide safe housing and resources needed for agencies across the state to empower victims of domestic violence and guide them through the criminal justice process.

Unit Goals:

The Criminal Justice Coordinating Council's Domestic Violence Unit:

  • Provides funding for programs that serve victims of domestic violence throughout the state.
  • Provides technical assistance to ensure compliance with federal and state requirements concerning domestic violence programs and the victims they serve.
  • Conducts technical assistance visits in order to increase capacity amongst those programs.
  • Ensures compliance of statutory certification standards for state-certified domestic violence shelters.
  • Maintains Georgia’s compliance with state and federal regulations as it pertains to the grants that are managed in this unit.

Unit Staff:

  • Serves as stewards of federal and state Domestic Violence funds;
  • Manages and monitors subgrantees to ensure compliance with federal funding requirements.
  • Coordinates with stakeholders to provide training and technical assistance, determine funding priorities, and ensure that the gaps in service provision and needs across the state are being met.

For more information, please contact Domestic Violence Supervisor Natalie Williams at [email protected].