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Application and Award Documents

  Request for Match Waiver - Instructions

excel file  Budget Detail Worksheet

pdf file  Certifications

word file  Civil Rights Contact

word file  Designation of Grant Officials

pdf file  Disclosure of Lobbying

pdf file  EEOP Certification Form

  MTDC Calculator

word file  Reimbursement Selection Form

pdf file  Standard Assurances

word file  Task Force/Fiscal Agent Sample MOU

pdf file  Vendor Management Form

pdf file  Vendor Managment Form - Instructions

word file  Volunteer Contract

word file  Volunteer Waiver Request

  W-9 Form

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Educational Tools & Training Resources

pdf file  VOCA Subgrantee Manual

  2018 VOCA Subgrantee Workshop PPT

VIDEO  Webinar: How to Include Match Waiver Requests in Your Detailed Budget Worksheet

VIDEO Webinar: 2018 VOCA Competitive Application Webinar

VIDEO Webinar: 10% Diminis Indirect Cost Rate & Match Requirement Webinar

​  Wage Analysis of Victim Service Positions

  2016 VLAN Training

   2016 VOCA Competitive/Continuation Workshop: FAQs

VIDEO  2016 VOCA Competitive/Continuation Workshop: Recording

  2016 VOCA Competitive/Continuation Workshop: PowerPoint

  2016 VOCA Competitive Workshop PowerPoint

  2016 VOCA Competitive FAQs

pdf file  2014 SASP Subgrantee Manual

pdf file  2014 VAWA Subgrantee Manual

VIDEO     2015 State DV & SA  Informational Session

powerpoint file  2015 State DV& SA Informational Session

pdf file  2015 FAQ for DV & SA Awards

pdf file  Disposition Instructions

powerpoint file  Breakout Session - Financial Management

powerpoint file  Breakout Session - Managing Your Budget

pdf file  1512 FAQ

pdf file  1512 Presentation With Notes

pdf file  1512 Training Presentation Ver2.10

pdf file  5% COUNTY Quick Sheet

pdf file  LVAP Certification Guidelines

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Family Violence Reporting Forms & Resources

  FY16 Domestic Violence Certification Standards

  FVPSA Quarterly Activities Narrative Report

word file  DV Community Awareness & Outreach Activities Report Form

word file  SA Community Awareness,  Prevention Activities, and Partnership Report Form

pdf file  Client Assistance Certification Form

  Critical Incidence Poster

  Critical Incidence Poster (Spanish)

  FVPSA DV Reporting Form

  Allowed & Unallowed Costs

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Financial Reporting Forms

pdf file  Asset Disposal Form

pdf file  Inventory Form

word file  Missing or Stolen Property Report Form

  Sample Personnel Action Form

  Sample Salary Action Form

  Accountability Court SER Form

excel file  Donation - Tax Receipt Form

excel file  Monthly Volunteer Time Record

excel file  Paul Coverdell Reporting SER Form

excel file  Byrne-JAG Reporting SER Form

excel file  Byrne-JAG: LLES Reporting SER Form

excel file  PSN Reporting SER Form

excel file  RSAT Reporting SER Form

excel file  SASP Reporting SER Form

excel file  State - Domestic Violence Reporting SER Form

excel file  State - Sexual Assault Reporting SER Form

excel file  CJCC Personnel Time Sheet

excel file  Travel Expense Statement

excel file  VAWA - CJSI Reporting SER Form

excel file  VAWA - Victim Services Reporting SER Form

excel file  VOCA Reporting SER Form

  SER Reporting Form: No Match

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VIDEO  How to Register in IntelliGrants

VIDEO  How to Create a Budget in IntelliGrants (No Match)

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  CaseWorthy User Manual 

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Programmatic Reporting Forms

word file  SORNA Performance Measure Report

word file  PSN Report

pdf file  SASP Annual Report 2012

pdf file  STOP Annual Form 2012

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Programmatic Reporting Tools and Resources

 2018 VSSR Guide

VIDEO 2017 VSSR Webinar

  2017 CJSSR Guide

  FY18 State Certified Domestic Violence Shelters

VIDEO OPM Webinar: 11/13/14

powerpoint file OPM Webinar: 11/13/14

word file  Outcome Performance Measure Guide

pdf file  1512 Subrecipient Reporting Guide

pdf file  RSAT Reporting Schedule

pdf file  SASP Annual Report 2012 Instructions

pdf file  STOP Annual Form 2012 Instructions

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Regional Criminal Justice Forums

pdf file  Criminal Justice Coordinating Council Forum Presentation

pdf file  Evidence-Based Practices and Programs Presentation

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State Accountabilty Courts Tools & Resources

  Request to Transfer Property

  Request to Discard Property

pdf file  Accountability Courts Workshop (July 2012)

pdf file  Sub-Grantee Webinar PowerPoint Presentation (December 2012)

pdf file  Accountability Courts Output Report Webinar Presentation (October 2013)

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