Any victim assistance program desiring to be certified by the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) to receive funds authorized under O.C. G.A. § 15-21-131 must submit a completed application with supporting documentation to the CJCC for consideration.

This includes:

1. Victim serving organizations who are subgrantees of CJCC.

2. Any victim serving organization who is seeking eligibility to apply to receive 5% funds even if it does not receive funding through CJCC.

Once certified, an agency is required to renew their certification, biennially in even-numbered years, with the submission of another certification application.

Certification permits agencies to apply for victim services funding through the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council. Any local agencies wishing to receive victim services funding through VOCA, VAWA, or SASP must complete the application process, be granted certification, and maintain approved services throughout the new certification period expiring April 27, 2026.

2024-2026 LVAP (5%) Certification

LVAP 5% Certification Supporting Documents Submittal

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Apply for Credentials to Access the Application

If your agency has never been certified, you will need to apply for credentials to begin the application process. Request log-in credentials by emailing Kyra Jones. With “LVAP Certification” in the subject line, please include your agency's contact information (name of contact, phone number, email, and agency address) and a brief overview of services available to crime victims.

If your agency was previously certified, login credentials should have been emailed to the last contact on record. If you require assistance obtaining your agency’s login credentials or updating your agency’s contact information, please contact Kyra Jones.

Contact Victim Services Project Coordinator
Kyra Jones
[email protected]


Receiving Your Credentials & Application

An email will be sent to the agency contact with the login credentials and a link to upload supporting documentation. New applicants, please allow 7 days to receive this email.


Completing the Application Process

An email will be sent to the agency contact with the login credentials and the link to upload supporting  Please allow up to 20 business days for CJCC to review submitted documentation.

Those who successfully submit supporting documentation will receive a link to complete the LVAP application. Allow 7 days for CJCC to review for completion. Applicants who then successfully submit a completed application will be recommended for final approval and an official letter of certification.