Child Abuse

Unit Overview

The Criminal Justice Coordinating Council's (CJCC), Child Abuse Unit (CAU), seeks to serve, support, and assist children, youth, and their families, who are victims of crime. Per the Department of Justice, Office for Victims of Crime, children and youth may be victim to a range of crimes including, but not limited to: child abuse, criminal neglect, assault, sexual abuse/assault, theft, exploitation, endangering the welfare of a child, human trafficking, kidnapping.

Thousands of Georgia’s children and youth are subject to crime and abuse every day, of every year, and it is the mission of CJCC’s Child Abuse Unit to support and enhance the effort to ensure that these children and youth have reasonable access to quality supportive services throughout the entire State of Georgia.

Unit Goals

The Criminal Justice Coordinating Council's Child Abuse Unit:

  • Supports and promotes all child victim service organizations who assist and represent those who can’t advocate for themselves;
  • Seeks, provides, and secures grant funding for organizations that serve children and youth who are primary and/or secondary victims of a crime(s);
  • Provides technical assistance to programs to ensure compliance with the rules and regulations concerning the use of grant funding;
  • Builds relationships with new and existing partners who serve, support, and protect children and youth;
  • Supports initiatives and efforts that aid in every child’s right to a healthy, stable, and safe environment.

Type of Programs/Services CAU Supports:

  • Child & Family Advocacy
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Therapy & Counseling Services
  • Outreach, Education, Awareness
  • Shelter Support Services
  • Court Advocacy & Emergency Legal Assistance

It is important to note that a crime does not have to be reported to authorities for a child or youth to be eligible to receive services through CJCC funded programs.