The Bureau of Justice Assistance requires all funded, sworn task force agents and commanders to complete the Center for Task Force Leadership and Integrity (CTFLI) online training. If any member of your agency has not completed the online training, have them do so as soon as possible by taking the following 8 steps.

  • Visit the training website

    You will access the training website at:

  • Registration & Pre-Authortization Code

    Click on Register Here.

    Please note that to register for the course, you will need to enter the preauthorization code (639TQ).

  • Enter Task Force Name

    Provide the name of your task force on the registration form.

  • Submit Your Registration Form

    Submit the completed registration form. After the registration is completed, you will have immediate access to the online training.

  • Begin Training

    You will receive an email with instructions to begin the online training.

  • Complete All Required Courses

    The following courses MUST be taken:

    1. Executive Leadership - Length: 10 minutes
    2. Task Force Commander Leadership and Management - Length: 75 minutes
    3. Safeguarding Privacy, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties in Task Force Operations - Length: 30 minutes
    4. 28 CFR Part 23 - Length: 60 minutes
  • Print and Save Your Certifications

    You must print and save EACH certificate after completion.

  • Send Us Your Certificates

    When ALL courses are completed, email copies of EACH certificate to Mia Smith.


    Criminal Justice Grants Specialist Mia Smith