Current Projects

Ongoing Research and Data Projects:

The SAC conduct research and analysis for internal and external stakeholders. Under the Intergovernmental Contract clause of the Georgia Constitution (Ga. Const. Art. IX, § III, Para. I), the SAC is able to provide research and evaluation services to local and state government agencies. The SAC is leading research and analysis on the following research projects:

  • Development and Implementation of a Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Platform for CJCC-collected Data - The Georgia SAC has received Bureau of Justice Statistics’ State Justice Statistics funds (grant numbers: 2014-MU-CX-K036 and 2016-BJ-CX-K031) to plan for and develop a data repository for all internal data collections and facilitate data sharing with partner agencies. The SAC is building a data warehouse to store all data collections related to Victims Services Statistical Reports. Criminal Justice Services Statistical Report, Drug Task Force Report, Accountability Court Reports, and Victims Compensation data. This warehouse will be connected to PowerBI, Microsoft’s business intelligence and dashboarding tool, to provide both internal and external stakeholders with timely data about CJCC’s work.

Research Partnerships with Local and State Government Agencies

  • Forsyth County Justice and Mental Health Collaborative Grant – Evaluator with Applied Research Services) – The SAC’s work on the Download this pdf file. Forsyth County Needs Assessment  helped the county apply for direct federal funding to implement a co-response unit within the Sheriff’s office, and a Certified Peer Specialist for outreach and discharge planning in the county jail. The SAC, along with Applied Research Services, will conduct baseline recidivism analysis and implementation evaluation.
  • Georgia Public Defenders Council (GPDC), Juvenile Public Defender Division Needs Assessment and Effort Analysis – The SAC is the research partner for the Office of Juvenile Justice Delinquency Programs grant to GPDC. As the research partner, the SAC will work with GPDC to conduct a needs assessment of juvenile public defenders to determine how they currently assess client needs, how much time this takes, what kinds of information they would like access to for better case recommendations, and how they currently use GPDC’s case management system. The SAC will also analyze data from the case management system to assess its usage and make recommendations for additional fields to track time, effort, and case processing.

As a unit within the state administering agency, the SAC manages research contracts with diverse private and university partners using CJCC federal formula money for the following projects:

With Applied Research Services: