Understanding the Site Visit Process


  • Agencies will be prioritized based on the date of their last onsite visit and selected using a risk assessment tool. Subrecipients are notified in writing of the official visit scheduled.
  • An individual knowledgeable of the agency’s financial practices, program services, federal Civil Rights requirements, jobs data, and grant reporting requirements, preferably the Executive Director/Project Director, Finance Director and Human Resources Director or assigned staff should be present for the site visit.
  • The site visit procedures will include an assessment of the following: (a) the overall accounting system, (b) program services, (c) agency procedures and record keeping, including supporting records for your claimed expenses, and (d) employee policies.
  • During the site visit, the team will:
    • Meet all grant funded staff, and key players. Staff will review financial and statistical reports to ensure compliance with grant reporting.
    • Test agency’s internal controls and review accounting systems.
    • Visually inspect all equipment purchased (where applicable).
    • Tour the project site.


  • FINDINGS: At the end of each site visit, if findings exist, subrecipients receive an official letter summarizing all discussions from the site visit.
  • NO FINDINGS: If no major deficiencies are found at the end of the site visit, the subrecipients will receive an official closeout letter from CJCC.