Criminal Justice

Unit Overview

The Criminal Justice Coordinating Council’s (CJCC), Criminal Justice Unit (CJ), funds numerous adult programs throughout the state aimed at improving treatment, recidivism, and crime reduction outcomes. Funding is targeted at enforcement, rehabilitation, technology improvement, and professional workforce training for law enforcement, prosecutors, courts, corrections and others. 

As well, the CJ unit has continued its dedication to partnering with stakeholders on competitive applications to secure funding for innovative criminal justice projects throughout the state. Last year, CJCC was awarded more than five million dollars for eight projects. One project was applied for in partnership with the Savannah Police Department with the goal of creating effective community interventions to reduce use of jail for juveniles and young adults who may need alternative services or may have behavioral health needs.

For several other projects, funds were granted to implement and expand accountability court services through court personnel training, hiring to expand services and model programming implementation. CJCC collaborated with the Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) to implement a pilot body worn cameras (BWCs) initiative within secure detention setting. BWCs enhance transparency, improve safety and bolster trust between staff and detainees.

CJCC partnered with the three U.S. Attorney’s Offices (Northern, Middle and Southern) to implement Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) throughout the state. PSN is designed to create and foster safer neighborhoods through a sustained reduction in violent crime, including, but not limited to, addressing criminal gangs and the felonious possession and use of firearms and projects that support innovative cooperative efforts and partnerships between federal, state, and local law enforcement engaged in a unified approach led by the U.S. Attorney’s to identify and prevent violent crime.

Unit Goals

The Criminal Justice Coordinating Council's Criminal Justice Unit:

  • Provides funding for adult programs that are aimed at improving treatment, recidivism, and crime reduction outcomes;
  • Ensures federal formula funding and the annual state budget are responsibly managed; and
  • Awards federal formula funding to projects statewide to provide impact and services for all citizens.

​For more information, please contact Criminal Justice Supervisor Shanay Long at [email protected]