Underserved Communities

The Underserved Populations Subcommittee works to enhance victim safety and access to services for underserved communities. Its members accomplish this goal by identifying underserved victim populations and their needs; identifying barriers to service provision; identifying resources and technical assistance; and building service providers’ capacity to provide culturally sensitive and population specific services through tools and training.

Per the previous VAWA Implementation Underserved Subcommittee meeting, we discussed updating the underserved directory to better reflect the services each agency provides and what a victim has access to in working with each agency. Please use the form we have provided to update the information needed for your agency.

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We welcome new members of the S.T.O.P. VAWA planning committee and subcommittee. For more information, please contact Kristy Carter, Victim Assistance Division Director, at 404-657-2061 or at [email protected].

VAWA Underserved Populations Subcommittee Meeting Notes:

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CJCC has created a Download this pdf file. Community Resources Directory for Victim Assistance Programs . To submit a listing to the directory please email Kristy Carter at [email protected].