Community Programs (Elder Abuse, Legal Aid, Etc.)

Unit Overview

The Criminal Justice Coordinating Council’s (CJCC), Community Programs Unit (CPU), seeks to serve, support, and assist victim assistance programs throughout the State of Georgia that serve underserved and unserved victims of crime. The CPU administers grant funds for programs that serve victims of violent crime who may not be served by the organizations funded by our Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault/Human Trafficking, and Child Abuse units.

The lack of services available are often due to cultural barriers, a lack of economic resources, and/or marginalization. It is the mission of the CPU to support and enhance the efforts of these programs to ensure that all individuals have reasonable access to quality supportive services and community resources. The CPU also provides funding to organizations that provide civil legal services, victim witness assistance programs, and organizations that provide resources and services to adults in later life that have been victims of elder abuse.

Underserved Populations

Underserved populations include individuals who have historically not received or had access to services and other resources due to varying factors such as a high incidence of income below the poverty line or geographic isolation. Survivors face challenges in accessing comprehensive and effective victim services, whether from the lack of inclusive, culturally relevant services that are accessible and can fully meet their needs, or because of their marginalization due to their religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, racial and ethnic identity, or special needs (such as language barriers, disabilities, immigration status, or age). The result is that survivors from underserved communities often do not receive appropriate services. The CPU supports projects that bridge these gaps by developing or enhancing population specific victim services and outreach strategies that reach underserved populations.

Unit Objectives

The Criminal Justice Coordinating Council's Community Programs Unit:

  • Provides funding to government, state and nonprofit agencies for programs that serve underserved and unserved victims of crime throughout the state.
  • Supports initiatives and efforts that aid in the development and implementation of outreach, education, and intervention strategies that highlight available resources and the specific issues faced by victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking from underserved populations.
  • Seeks, provides, and secures grant funding for organizations that demonstrate a clear commitment to strengthening the capacity of underserved populations to provide population specific services to primary and/or secondary victims of crimes; and
  • Conducts technical assistance visits to ensure compliance with the rules and regulations governing the use of grant funding and to increase capacity amongst grant-funded programs.

Type of Programs/Services CPU Supports:

  • Victim Witness Assistance Programs
  • Legal Services
  • Therapy & Counseling Services
  • Community Based Victim Services
  • Elder Abuse
  • Training Initiatives
  • Prosecution and Court Services
  • Outreach, Education, Awareness
  • Court Advocacy & Emergency Legal Assistance