Project Safe Neighborhoods

Project Safe Neighborhoods National Training and Technical Assistance Program [CFDA # 16.609]

Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) is a nationwide network designed to create safer neighborhoods by reducing gang and gun violence and crime, and sustaining that reduction. The program's effectiveness is based on the cooperation of local, state and federal agencies in a unified offensive led by the U.S. Attorney of both districts with the State of Georgia.

PSN is based on three fundamental principles:

Comprehensive action - Law enforcement is a key component and essential facet of crime reduction programs. However, a higher level of success can be achieved when initiatives utilize both law enforcement and prevention/deterrence efforts.

Coordinated response - A program's success is heavily dependent on the continual and committed effort to coordinate law enforcement efforts with deterrence and prevention.

Community-based specifics - Gun crime is a local dilemma, and the resources available to address this problem will vary from locality to locality. Therefore, every gun crime reduction program should be designed to tackle the specific problems within an area, while simultaneously taking into account the particulars of the local capacity and the range of resources that can be dedicated to the program.

Lead applicants are limited to units of local government and private/non-profit community organizations located in the following districts: Middle and Northern.