Capital Case Litigation

Capital Case Litigation Initiative [CFDA # 16.746]

The purpose of the Capital Case Litigation Initiative (CCLI) (supported by 42 U.S.C. 14163 et seq.) is to provide high-quality training on death penalty issues to improve legal representation provided to indigent defendants charged with having committed capital crimes and to enhance the ability of prosecutors to effectively represent the public in state capital cases.

The purpose of CCLI is to improve the quality and effectiveness of representation in death penalty cases through training for both the prosecutors who represent the public and the defense attorneys who represent indigent defendants in state capital cases. Because capital case litigation is governed by unique evidentiary rules and processes, specific training is essential to improve the quality of legal representation and to ensure reliable jury verdicts in state capital cases. Grant funds may only be used to provide training to improve legal representation in trial-level capital case litigation and may not be used for the purpose of providing training in appellate or collateral relief matters. Grant funds may not be used to fund, neither directly nor indirectly, representation in, or prosecution of, specific capital cases.

CJCCs goals of this initiative are to: 1) increase the number of prosecutors and defense attorneys trained in capital case procedures and strategies; and 2) improve the quality of legal representation provided to indigent defendants in state capital cases through a state-based training program that serves to improve an effective system (as defined in 42 U.S.C. 14163(e)).

CJCC sought applicants from state agencies to implement a training program for capital case litigators. Funds awarded are allocated equally between trainings to improve the quality of legal representation provided by capital case indigent defense counsel AND capital case prosecutors.

Applicants are limited to the following state agencies: Georgia Capital Defenders Office and the Prosecuting Attorneys Council.