Subgrant Expenditure Requests:
Recipients may request reimbursement for expenses incurred during the grant period on either a monthly or quarterly basis. To request reimbursement, the recipient must submit a financial report within fifteen days of the month’s end date. SERs should be submitted by mail to:

Attn: Accountability Court Grant
Criminal Justice Coordinating Council
104 Marietta Street, NW
Atlanta, GA 30303

Subgrant Adjustment Requests:
From time to time, subgrantees may also need to change/update any of the following on a grant:

  • The primary and secondary contact information;
  • A budget modification within currently approved budget categories;
  • An extension on the project's lifecycle;
  • Personnel changes (either changes in the persons funded or the percent of time spent on the grant).

To request any of these, subgrantees must complete a Subgrant Adjustment Request (SAR) form. Refer to your grant auditor/specialist for this document.


If your agency expended grant funds during the quarter that have not been accounted for in your reimbursement requests, or if there are extenuating circumstances that warrant consideration, please submit the waiver form along with supporting documentation to substantiate your request to retain any unexpended funds

Please use the following link to submit a waiver form for your agency: Submit Waiver Form

Per the Criminal Justice Council's Administrative Rules, you may appeal the Council of Accountability Court Judges recommendation by submitting further explanation of the proposal to the Director of CJCC within ten business days of receiving a denial letter. The Council of Accountability Court Judges funding committee will consider each appeal on a case-by-case basis.

Click Here to Fill Out the Appeals Form