Work Group 9: Examining Domestic Adult Sex Trafficking

Chaired by Out of Darkness (Mel Meyer)

  • Focused on expanding awareness and education for those serving domestic adults in Georgia victimized by sexual exploitation.
  • Initiatives –
    • Work Group 9 is developing a user- friendly web page to house training resources, best/promising practices, webinars and other resources for service providers statewide. As the site is developed, work group members will be gathering evidence- based, critical information regarding adult victim/ survivor services to address victim- access and gaps in services.
    • Work Group 9 is also developing a survivor questionnaire/ survey to be sent to organizations serving adult victims in order to gain feedback on challenges and experiences faced by victims in order to create a report that will be used to create solutions.
  • Work Group 9 also intends to host multiple round- table community discussions on “current challenges” topics relevant to the target population, with the goal of increasing collaboration, innovation and effectiveness (ie: housing, transportation, transitional care, etc.). Round- Table discussions will produce informal, qualitative reports to be distributed to Statewide Task Force members.