Work Group 9: Examining Domestic Adult Sex Trafficking

Chaired by Tabitha’s House (Dr. Margie Gill), and co-chaired by Frontline Response (Hillary DeJarnett)

  • Focused on expanding awareness and education for those serving domestic adults in Georgia victimized by sexual exploitation.
  • 2023 Initiatives:
    • Workgroup 9 is committed to increasing the knowledge and awareness of business owners and other industry leaders who interact with or offer services to adult survivors of human trafficking. Members of Workgroup 9 are personally reaching out to industry leaders in housing, transportation, finance, and other business sectors to increase collaborations and address challenges adult survivors often face in these sectors.
    • Work Group 9 will be creating a summary of the information collected from survivors, industry leaders, advocates, supporters, and service providers at the 2022 Housing Roundtable discussion. We will share these finding to improve access and process of obtaining affordable housing.
    • Work Group 9 also intends to host a panel presentation and roundtable discussion to increase awareness and inform policy around the equality model, a multi-faceted approach to protect survivors.