Work Group 2: Youth Aware and Safe

Chaired by Love146 (Erin Glacuum)

  • After the successful development and promotion of Georgia’s Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Technical Assistance Resource Guide (TARG), Work Group 2 has shifted its focus to deepen the knowledge and application around child-focused prevention education. Members spent the first few months in an exploratory phase, looking at how to better align prevention education strategies with survivor-informed best practices. 
  • Current Initiatives-
    • Develop a survey and conduct focus groups of survivors in group homes to understand how youth respond to different prevention content and education modalities, and what information would have been helpful and in what format
      • Currently researching IRB needs, finalizing survey questions, and coordinating with group homes
    • Social media campaign for youth
      • Currently reviewing other campaigns and determining terminology and access
    • Review peer-to-peer training programs