Work Group 2: Youth Aware and Safe

Co-chaired by Love146 (Erin Glaccum) and by Kennesaw State University (Dorothy Marsil)

  • After the successful development and promotion of Georgia’s Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Technical Assistance Resource Guide (TARG), Work Group 2 has shifted its focus to deepen the knowledge and application around child-focused prevention education. 
  • 2022 Initiatives:
    • In an attempt to understand how youth receive information, communicate with friends, and seek help and resources, Work Group 2 has developed an anonymous survey to better guide the group in creating communications that could potentially reach and help someone else avoid a risky situation or exploitation experience.
      • Work Group 2 is working to confirm with IRB at Kennesaw State University. We will target 18-21-year old’s to ensure they can give informed consent.
    • Work Group 2 is also developing a facilitation guide and survey for youth “focus groups”, that will enable Work Group 2 to identify prevention touchpoints,  and specifically learn at what point knowing about services could have made a difference, what barriers did youth experience, and what support would have been helpful.
    • Work Group 2 is also reviewing peer-to-peer training programs, supporting group member, Traffick Jam (a peer-to-peer program), and intends to collaborate with  Work Group 4 to provide a vetted peer-to-peer program to utilize with their 2021  project goals.