Work Group 5: Apprehending, Investigating, and Prosecuting

Chaired by the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (Elina Acosta) and Co-chaired by Children’s Advocacy Center of Georgia ( Leslie Lamb)

  • Focused on combating the overall lack of education on how to properly investigate and prosecute human trafficking cases in Georgia.
  • 2022 Initiatives:
    • Work Group 5 is currently developing the Human Trafficking Response Guide that will provide professionals in the field (law enforcement, first responders, prosecutors, medical professionals, and victim service providers) the knowledge and guidance on how to appropriately and effectively respond to human trafficking cases in our state.
    • The objectives to support this project include (1) highlighting the benefits of a multi-disciplinary approach, (2) outlining best practices for each discipline at every stage of a human trafficking case, and (3) providing trauma-informed and victim-centered resources that will enable professionals to ensure that victims are safe, and offenders are held accountable. 
    • ​​​​​​​Work Group 5 will continue to provide a comprehensive training to law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, and victim specialists throughout the state on how to recognize and handle cases involving suspected commercial sexual exploitation of children and adults.
      • Due to the limitations presented by COVID- 19, Work Group 5 is in the process of converting this training into a virtual form.