Work Group 5: Apprehending, Investigating, and Prosecuting

Co-chaired by the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (Victor Williams) and the Chatham County District Attorney’s Office (Diane McLeod)

  • Focused on combating the overall lack of education on how to properly investigate and prosecute sexual exploitation cases in Georgia
  • Initiatives –
    • Work Group 5 continues to partner with Street Grace, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, and Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr’s office to provide a comprehensive training to law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, and victim specialists throughout the state on how to recognize and handle cases involving suspected commercial sexual exploitation of children and adults.
      • Due to the limitations presented by COVID- 19, Work Group 5 is in the process of converting this training into a virtual form.
  • Work Group 5 is currently developing a resource manual to be used by law enforcement, prosecutors and victim service providers on the field that will provide a detailed and chronological step by step guide on how to interact with victims of human trafficking at all levels of contact, in a way that is trauma informed and victim centered.