Work Group 3: Deterring Traffickers and Buyers

Chaired by The Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (Michelle Price)

  • Human trafficking is an illicit industry that profits from the exploitation of people and is fueled and sustained by three notions- the relationship between supply (victims), demand(buyers) and distributors (sellers or traffickers), the sum of (high profit) + (low cost + low risk), and systemic inequality.
  • Work Group 3’s goal is to deter traffickers and buyers by decreasing demand. In order to shift demand, it is important to understand why the demand exists and identify the characteristics and common motivating factors amongst those who decide to actively engage in exploitive activities. 
  • Current Initiatives –
    • Work Group 3 members are currently developing a diversion program that essentially merges accountability and redemption. The purpose of the program is to not only show buyers how purchasing sex and participating in related activities strengthens, if not grows the demand that feeds the human trafficking market, but also be introspective and aid in identifying their ‘Why’ to hopefully create a deterrence.