Work Group 3: Deterring Traffickers and Buyers

Chaired by the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (NaCosha Harris)

  • Human trafficking is an illicit industry that profits from the exploitation of people and is fueled and sustained by three notions- the relationship between supply (victims), demand(buyers) and distributors (sellers or traffickers), the sum of (high profit) + (low cost + low risk), and systemic inequality. To dent the business of human trafficking and deter traffickers, WG3 aims to develop projects that have the potential to disrupt the supply and demand, increase the risk and/or decrease the profitability of this crime.
  • 2023 Initiatives:
    • To address reducing demand for commercial sex, Work Group 3 is looking to focus on the development of demand reduction approaches such as pre-arrest diversion program in Georgia. This initiative involves collaborating with Georgia-based anti-violence organizations and non-Georgia organizations that have successfully implemented pre-arrest diversion programs focused on sex trafficking and prostitution.