Work Group 3: Deterring Traffickers and Buyers

Chaired by The Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (Michelle Smith)

  • Human trafficking is an illicit industry that profits from the exploitation of people and is fueled and sustained by three notions- the relationship between supply (victims), demand(buyers) and distributors (sellers or traffickers), the sum of (high profit) + (low cost + low risk), and systemic inequality.
  • Work Group 3’s goal is to deter traffickers and buyers by decreasing demand. In order to shift demand, it is important to understand why the demand exists and identify the characteristics and common motivating factors amongst those who decide to actively engage in exploitive activities. 
  • Initiatives –
    • Work Group 3 members are currently in an information gathering stage that will lead to the development of an assessment tool. The results of the assessment will not only inform on what type of programs and interventions need to be in place, but at what point are they most effective when reducing demand.