Work Group 4: Keeping At-Risk Youth Safe

Chaired by Comfort in the Storm (Kathy Butler)

  • 2023 Initiatives:
    • Work Group 4 has developed a human trafficking peer-to-peer education curriculum for youth. While originally conceptualized for youth in foster care, our potential audience has expanded to other at-risk youth populations. The curriculum is centered around giving youth information and tools to identify and define what human trafficking is and how to seek help if they or someone they know is at risk.
    • The curriculum is comprised of 4 modules, Introduction to Human Trafficking, Social Media Safety, Cultural Aspects of Human Trafficking, and Finding Courage in the Face of Human Trafficking.
    • Our WG is ultimately interested in using the curriculum to facilitate a one-day peer-to-peer mini-conference for youth. However, it has been adapted for virtual facilitation. We envision youth leaders serving as co-facilitators for each of the modules.
    • In 2023, Work Group 4 developed a one pager to share with organizations who may be interested in receiving the training. Access the one pager here. Additionally, WG4 has created a pocket guide for youth to take away from the presentation of the modules which encompasses the highlights of each module as well as resources for reporting trafficking, teen dating violence support, mental health resources, and more.
      • If you, or an organization you’re affiliated with, are interested in having the curriculum presented to your youth or want access to the pocket guide, please contact WG4 chair Kathy Butler ([email protected]).
    • For the remainder of the 2023 year, WG4 plans to create a “train the trainer” guide for those presenting the curriculum.