Work Group 4: Keeping At-Risk Youth Safe

Chaired by Prevent Child Abuse Georgia (Naeshia McDowell)

  • Work Group 4 is focused on creating a youth-friendly action guide for at-risk youth who have attended (or are participating in) a general awareness workshop on human trafficking. This opportunity will include action items that will guide them to inform their peers and others on what they have learned.
  • Initiatives –
    • The action guide will include items such as social media post suggestions, how to get Human Trafficking Awareness Day/Month (Jan.11th) recognized at their school, help with creating a Community Day of Action in their own arena, book clubs, and submitting blog posts to be featured.
  • Focused on the development of an introductory awareness workshop to deliver to youth, while also expanding the Process Resource Map to include disenfranchised youth, LGBTQ youth, homeless youth, and runaway youth
  • Initiatives –
    • In collaboration with Work Group 2, Work Group 4 intends to make the introductory awareness workshop a 1 – 2 hour one-time presentation.

Work Group 4 developed a process resource map known as SMART (Service Map for At-Risk Teens). SMART is designed to be a tool for agencies working with youth under 18 who may experience in-home conflict or who may be at-risk for homelessness.