Work Group 6: Foreign-Born and Labor Trafficking

Chaired by Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (Elina Acosta)  

  • Focused on examining underserved and/or previously unidentified victims of human trafficking, including foreign-born adult victims of labor trafficking.
  • Initiatives –
    • Work Group 6 planned and hosted a Labor Trafficking Roundtable in order to discuss the prevalence of labor trafficking and allow the opportunity for stake holders to have cross sectional and collaborative discussions about how the community can mobilize and create actions steps to take in Georgia. The conversations centered on the areas of raising awareness about labor trafficking, victim care and services, data collection and measurement, and state level action needed to combat this form of trafficking in Georgia.
    • Work Group 6 published  Download this pdf file. The Labor Trafficking Roundtable Report . The report provides an overview of forced labor in Georgia and summarizes experts' responses to the following key questions:
      • How do we increase awareness of labor trafficking?
      • How do we better serve victims of labor trafficking?
      • How can we capture data on labor trafficking?
      • What can be done on the state level?
      • The report concludes with specific recommendations and action steps to guide our state in its effort to combat labor trafficking and support survivors. 
    • One such step is the creation of a Labor Trafficking Advisory Committee. This advisory committee will be made up of stakeholders throughout the state of Georgia that would meet once a year to continue these collaborative conversations, as well as offer guidance, expertise and resources to Work Group 6 on future initiatives and projects.
    • Work Group 6 is also in the beginning stages of conducting a geo – mapping study to better highlight the labor trafficking situation in Georgia and identify potential areas that are at a higher risk of labor exploitation and trafficking. They are gathering pilot data from existing databases to create baseline data and proof of need in their attempts to secure geo-mapping funding. 
    • Work Group 6 has also developed resources for law enforcement, victim specialist and first responders. Planned tools include: a county-specific resource guide identifying organizations serving foreign-born adult victims of labor trafficking, and individualized process maps to help law enforcement and other first responders address the varying needs of trafficking victims.