Work Group 6: Foreign-Born and Labor Trafficking

Co-chaired by Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (Elina Acosta) and Georgia Asylum and Immigration Network (Priscila Barravecchia)

  • Focused on examining underserved and/or previously unidentified victims of human trafficking, including foreign-born victims of labor trafficking.
  • 2023 Initiatives:
    • Work Group 6 is in the process of developing a project that will empower businesses to engage in anti-labor trafficking practices.
      • This project will provide a framework to address and support the businesses known to be vulnerable to labor trafficking in Georgia and provide training and awareness about labor trafficking and the resources to address and combat labor exploitation and trafficking within their processes and practices.
    • Work Group 6 has published Georgia’s Labor Trafficking Update.
      • The purpose of this update is to highlight the progress made by the state and key stakeholders since the publishing of the Download this pdf file. Georgia Labor Trafficking Roundtable Report in 2020. This update highlights the State's efforts to enhance its anti-labor trafficking response and provides helpful resources for professionals working in the anti-human trafficking field.
      • Access the report: Download this pdf file. here