Work Group 6: Foreign-Born and Labor Trafficking

Co- chaired by Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (Elina Acosta) and Georgia Asylum and Immigration Network (Priscila Barravecchia)  

  • Focused on examining underserved and/or previously unidentified victims of human trafficking, including foreign-born victims of labor trafficking.
  • 2021 Initiatives –
    • Work Group 6 will continue to rollout and advertise Georgia’s Labor Trafficking Roundtable Report, 2020, through social media spotlight series, trainings, panels, roundtable discussion, and networking opportunities.
    • Work Group 6 is in the process of developing a report that will act as an “update” on Georgia’s Labor Trafficking Roundtable report
      • The purpose of this update is to highlight the expansion of Georgia’s Anti- labor trafficking response, as well as address the implications of COVID – 19, provide a legal analysis of labor trafficking policy, and highlighting best practices across the nation in regards to effectively addressing and combating labor trafficking  
  • Work Group 6 will also review, update, and make available resources, tools, and trainings for law enforcement, victim services, and first responders that will assist in better identifying victims of human trafficking and connecting them to services, specifically labor trafficking.