Work Group 8: Survivors Recovering and Thriving

Co-chaired by Devereux (Amy Waldron) and The Georgia Center for Child Advocacy (JaKarynn Conyers)

  • Focused on supporting sexually exploited youth who either reside in one of Georgia’s residential facilities for domestic minor sex trafficking victims or reside within the community (i.e. home, foster home).
  • Work Group 8 continues to partner with the Envision Project at the Georgia Center for Child Advocacy to provide meaningful events for youth survivors of child sex trafficking.
  • 2023 Initiatives:
    • Work Group 8 has partnered with the Envision Project to plan and implement several workshops for sexually exploited youth who are currently residing in one of Georgia’s CSEC residential facilities or reside within the community. Work group 8 continues to help facilitate various sessions, related to personal growth, life skills, career support, etc. The task force also has several members facilitating a curriculum developed by a survivor called Ending The Game; and many of the youth have enjoyed and gravitated toward the material. 
    • Response to these events has been very positive from the youth and each event has been well supported by Work Group eight members, Georgia Center for Child Advocacy staff, and volunteers from the community.