Work Group 7: Survivors Supported and Protected

Chaired by Map to Hope (Mary Gates) and co-chaired by Tabitha’s House (Dr. Margie Gill)

  • Focused on aiding survivors in the community, including both those who are still in the trade and those who have been rescued and are receiving treatment.
  • 2023 Initiatives:
    • Work Group 7 is creating a PDF guidebook on Standards for Survivor-centered Anti-Trafficking Marketing. The goal of this guidebook is to provide specific recommendations and considerations on how anti-trafficking organizations can execute outreach campaigns that accurately represent human trafficking and respect survivors (including the diversity of their stories and experiences). Work Group 7 is partnering with Brenau University to conduct formal research on survivor perspectives and recommendations. 
    • The final guidebook will incorporate research data (survivor perspectives) as well as case studies from anti-trafficking service providers.