Work Group 7: Survivors Supported and Protected

Chaired by Wellspring Living (Jenn McEwen)

  • Focused on aiding survivors in the community, including both those who are still in the trade and those who have been rescued and are receiving treatment.
  • Initiatives –
    • Work Group 7 will review and make recommendations on the Georgia Sexual Assault Response Team Guide related to human trafficking. An initial draft of this protocol was created in 2018 as a part of the Georgia Sexual Assault Response Team Project. This protocol guides the procedure and approach to human trafficking victims when they are encountered by law enforcement, prosecutors, medical professionals, sexual assault centers and other partners. 
    • Work Group 7 will also create a template for training to be used as a mode of certification for the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council’s Georgia Victim Assistance Academy. The template will describe the necessary elements for training related to human trafficking, regardless of professional group being trained. This template will be used to ensure that professionals across the state have a common foundation of information to work from when dealing directly with human trafficking victims.