Work Group 1: Community Awareness and Education

Chaired by Georgia Commission on Women (Karla Jacobs)

  • Work Group 1 is focused on community training and industry-specific training.
  • In the past, Work Group 1 worked predominantly with the hospitality industry helping hotels be in compliance with Georgia’s notification law which requires them to publicly post the human trafficking hotline number. Last year, Work Group 1 shifted to researching what industry-specific training is available and developed a training compendium of the quality training programs we found.
  • 2021 initiatives –
    • Project 1 – Create comprehensive toolkits for various types of industry training. We will compile a toolkit for the hotel industry using the items we have already created, and we will create a training toolkit for faith-based organizations.
    • Project 2 – Develop a series of online Lunch and Learn programs. The current plan is 30–45-minute programs that dive deep into narrow topics pertinent to human trafficking.
    • Project 3 – Provide updated posters with Georgia’s new human trafficking hotline number to Georgia hotels.
  • Work Group 1 will continue to provide train the trainer sessions for our hotel training program, Understanding and Recognizing Child Sex Trafficking: Training for Hotel Staff, upon request.