Work Group 1: Community Awareness and Education

Chaired by Georgia Commission on Women (Karla Jacobs) and Fellowship Community Outreach (Harralyn Swinger-Rawls)

  • Work Group 1 is focused on community training for the general public and individuals who work as victim services providers, law enforcement officers, advocates, and others in the anti-human trafficking space.
  • In the past, Work Group 1 worked predominantly with the hospitality industry helping hotels comply with Georgia’s notification law which requires them to post the human trafficking hotline number publicly.
  • 2023 initiatives:
    • Project 1 – Continue to provide our series of online Conversations with an Expert programs. These one-hour programs are designed for victim services providers, members of law enforcement, activists, and community members to dive deep into narrow topics pertinent to human trafficking. We will hold one CWE program each quarter.
    • Project 2 – Update our 2020 human trafficking training compendium to add additional training offerings and remove trainings that are no longer available. We will provide the compendium to the public online. This project has been completed and is awaiting final approval before releasing to the public.
    • Project 3 – Research and create a compendium for available training resources for faith-based organizations. We will provide the compendium to the public online.
  • Work Group 1 will continue to provide train the trainer sessions for our hotel training program, Understanding and Recognizing Child Sex Trafficking: Training for Hotel Staff, upon request.