Work Group 6: Examining Labor, International, and Adult Sex Trafficking

General Target Population: May include traffickers, solicitors/purchasers, and victims of various types of trafficking to include: labor trafficking, international trafficking, and adult sex trafficking.

General Factors Addressed: The factors will vary depending upon the type of trafficking being addressed

General Focus of Projects: The purpose of this work group will be to EXAMINE labor trafficking, international trafficking, and adult sex trafficking with the goal of gathering critical information to directly inform a comprehensive needs assessment for the state. WG members will work to evaluate what the most effective approach will be. 

Project Name: "Survey of Labor, Sex, Foreign-Born, Adult, Young Male, and LGBTQ Trafficking"

Target Groups: Agencies who may encounter and/or serve victims of human trafficking to include underserved populations (i.e. LGBTQ)

Target risk factors addressed:  Exploitation of underserved and/or previously unidentified victims

Description of project: Conducting a “follow-up” to the survey released by CJCC and Georgia Bureau of Investigations in 2013, expanding the categories of victims to include young males and LGBTQ, as well as, expanding the participants of the survey to include such additional service providers such as refugee organizations and domestic violence shelters.

Goals and objectives:  Assess the Labor, Sex, Foreign-Born, Adult, Young Male and LGBTQ Trafficking issue in the State of Georgia in hopes of: 1) Obtaining pertinent information on how professionals are addressing these issues in the state of GA; 2) Obtaining pertinent information on the newly added victim categories, as well as supplemental data of pre-existent categories for future need assessment-oriented initiatives