Work Group 5: Apprehending, Investigating, and Prosecuting

General Target Population: Traffickers and solicitors/purchasers and their enablers that have committed criminal acts of exploitation.

General Factors Addressed: Access to children (both online and offline) with intent to exploit, anti-social norms and beliefs, pornography, enforcement of the law.

General Focus of Projects: Surveillance and other enforcement measures to apprehend, investigate, and prosecute. 

Project Name: “Georgia’s Statewide Judicial and Law Enforcement CSEC Training”

Target Groups: 1) Prosecutors; 2) Judges; 3) Law Enforcement; 4) School Resource Officers

Target Risk Factors Addressed: Lack of education on how to properly investigate and/or prosecute CSEC cases in Georgia

Description of Project:  Developing a standardized, 14-module, statewide training curriculum to be provided to prosecutors, judges, law enforcement officers, and school resource officers throughout Georgia through an 8-hour, “train-the-trainer” format.

Goals and Objectives:  1) Develop a standardized, statewide training curriculum; 2) Conduct a comprehensive “train-the-trainer” event to work towards achieving a statewide reach.