Work Group 4: Keeping At-Risk Youth Safe

General Target Population: Children in out-of-home care, abused and neglected, runaway, juvenile offenders, poor academic performance, disconnected.

General Factors Addressed: Child maltreatment, serious family discord, academic failure, delinquency, abandonment, juvenile detention/reentry.

General Focus of Projects: Increasing protection for children and youth in high risk situations or who engage in behavior that places them at increased risk. Efforts may also include a focus on boys, either inclusive of the project or a separate project.

Project Name:   “It's Not Just Me”

Target Groups:  Boys ages 12-17 years old who are at a heightened risk of exploitation

Target Risk Factors Addressed: Addressing the heightened vulnerabilities of detention-housed boys who may have a history of abandonment, prior sexual abuse, alienation, unstable home environment, or delinquency

Description of Project: An educational curriculum which provides at-risk boys with the tools needed to foster independent thought to inform ones values and acceptance of self. The Curriculum will be 1 ½ hours in duration broken down into eight specific modules: 1) Violence and Trauma; 2) Cultural Competencies; 3) Pimp Culture; 4) Substance Abuse; 5) Individual Vulnerabilities; 6) Internet Safety; 7) Resources and Barriers; and 8) Disclosure.

Goals and Objectives:1) Fostering independent thinkers; 2) Acceptance of self; 3) Strong male values; 4) Confronting male stereotypes; 5) Addressing vulnerabilities; 6) Raising awareness and education of the issue.