Work Group 3: Deterring Traffickers and Buyers

Overall Target Population: Traffickers and solicitors/purchasers.

Overall Factors Addressed: Access to children (online and offline) with intent to exploit, anti-social norms and beliefs, and pornography (a type of sexual exploitation).

Overall Focus of Projects: Non-law enforcement efforts to reduce demand by focusing on those who traffic minors and solicit/purchase sex with minors.

Project Name: “Addressing and Conbating Human Trafficking Within the Business Community”

Target Groups: 1) The business community

Goals and objectives: Addressing this issue within the business community by enhancing partnerships with “B.E.S.T.” (Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking) and “AFRJ” (Alliance for Freedom, Restoration, and Justice) with the goal of aligning and equipping leaders to use the power of business to become engaged in this issue.

Description of Project: Work Group 3 is currently focusing their efforts on aligning and equipping leaders to use the power of business to combat human trafficking by providing businesses with the opportunity to access resources and strategies to engage in combating this issue through collaborative engagement.  Work Group 3 will be hosting an event for business leaders to highlight the Alliance for Freedom, Restoration, and Justice’s collaborative methodology “Engage Together” – to encourage businesses to become engaged in this issue as a part of the solution.  At the event, attendees will learn more about the human trafficking issue and how the business community – global corporations, small businesses, and professionals – are uniquely positioned to address and combat it.  Attendees will hear from the AFRJ® “Freedom Council,” an assembly of business leaders and ambassadors from global companies who are working in partnership to address the human trafficking issue by developing innovative approaches and solutions through scalable and replicable business models.