Work Group 3: Deterring Traffickers and Buyers

Overall Target Population: Traffickers and solicitors/purchasers.

Overall Factors Addressed: Access to children (online and offline) with intent to exploit, anti-social norms and beliefs, pornography (often a part of trafficking), enforcement of the law.

Overall Focus of Projects: Non-law enforcement efforts to reduce demand by focusing on those who traffic minors and solicit/purchase sex with minors.

Project Name: “Human Resources Against Human Trafficking”

Target Groups: 1) The business community; 2) Traffickers, solicitors, and buyers

Target Risk Factors Addressed: 1) Access to children (online and offline) with the intent to exploit; 2) Anti-social norms and beliefs; 3) pornography as a form of exploitation.

Description of Project: WG 3 Members will partner with HR consulting firm Southern Human Resource Management ("SHRM") to identify businesses to present the “BEST Management Framework," in partnership with Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking ("BEST"), in the hope that they will adopt the framework into their formal HR policies and procedures as a member of the BEST Alliance. 

Goals and objectives: To successfully engage businesses to officially adopt the “BEST Management Framework” into their company’s HR policies and procedures as a member of the BEST Alliance with the overarching assurance of the following public commitment: “We uphold the value of each human life. We stand against sexually exploitive activities that include: abuse and exploitation, including pornography, sex trafficking, and sex buying.”