Work Group 2: Youth Aware and Safe

Overall Target Population: Children and youth and their parents/caretakers. Key professionals that work with children and youth (e.g., teachers, coaches, etc.).

Overall Factors Addressed: Lack of awareness/knowledge, norms regarding girls/boys and sex, glorification of “pimp culture,” online/social media access to/from exploiters.

Overall Focus of Projects: Increasing awareness and knowledge of children and youth about enticements and grooming, especially via online and social media; how to keep self and peers safe; practices when dating and other activities to avoid sexual exploitation. 

Project Name: “Child Focus Program Analysis”

Target Groups: School Aged Youth and School Systems

Target Risk Factors Addressed: 1) Vulnerability to Abuse and Exploitation; 2) Lack of Education on Personal Safety and Sexual Abuse/Exploitation Prevention

Description of Project: Developing a Child Focused Program Analysis

Goals and Objectives: 1) To increase knowledge and a better understanding of current programs and what they entail as far as content, age groups, targeted audience, time frame, and the format of the program.; 2) To understand what curriculum, if any, is currently being offered in Georgia schools.