The Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) is pleased to announce the expansion of the Georgia Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (GA SAKI). Up until now, the GA SAKI Task Force has been solely focused on leading the investigation and prosecution of cold case sexual assaults that result from testing previously unsubmitted or untested sexual assault kits. This expansion will allow the Task Force to use grant funds obtained by CJCC to aid jurisdictions statewide

  • in the investigation and genetic testing of cold case homicides with sexual assault components and 
  • in unidentified serial sexual assault cases.

To date, the Task Force has been fully operational for over a year and has indicted 23 cases and convicted 4 rapists. Of those convictions, 3 were serial rapists. The Task Force and its partner agencies’ goal remains to provide victims with comprehensive case assistance.

Download this pdf file. Click here to read the full press release regarding this announcement.