Grant Report Summaries

As part of its core functions, the Statistical Analysis Center creates reporting tools for CJCC subgrantees in an effort to conduct evaluations, manage data of federal grant-funded projects and programs, and monitor performance of grant recipients. Our reporting tools include:

  • Victim Services Statistical Report (VSSR): Collects data regarding victims of violent and property crimes, services rendered, and other compliance measures for agencies funded by CJCC to provide victim services. (Collected quarterly)
  • Criminal Justice Services Statistical Report (CJSSR): Collects data regarding victims and service providers who are funded under the law enforcement, prosecution, courts, or training provisions. (Collected semi-annually)
  • Outcome Performance Measures: collects outcome data from subgrantee clients who receive direct services in order to improve grant monitoring and technical assistance efforts and to provide subgrantees with information they can use for improving their programs and reporting to other funding agencies.  (Collected semi-annually)
  • Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Task Force (MJDTF): Collects operational data from Drug Task Forces including arrests, drug seizures, and drug-related investigations in an effort to improve funding for Byrne-funded Drug Task Forces. (Collected semi-annually)
  • Accountability Court Output Report: Collects data at an aggregate level demographics regarding new offenders who enter one of Georgia's state-funded accountability courts in an effort to monitor compliance.  (Collected quarterly)

​Below is a compilation of these past concluded reports from each of these reporting tools. (Updated on a quarterly basis)