Georgia Survivor Advisory Council (GSAC)

What is the Georgia Survivor Advisory Council (GSAC)?

The Georgia Survivor Advisory Council was established to advise and assist the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) on matters related to victims of crime, including but not limited to education and awareness initiatives, grant-funding priorities, training efforts, and policy recommendations. Its purpose is to ensure that these state efforts are victim-centered, effective, and responsive to the needs of diverse victims.

The goal of GSAC is to provide an ongoing dialogue between survivors and the state, discussing gaps in services and the need for additional services, while supporting those who have experienced trauma. Members will share their unique thoughts and experiences to impact positive change in Georgia communities.

How will GSAC be structured?

GSAC will be formed through an application and nomination process shared with victim service agencies through e-mail and posted on social media starting January 2020.

GSAC members will be chosen based on their background with a goal of ensuring a diverse representation of voices from urban and rural parts of the state, spanning a wide range of crimes and life experiences.

GSAC will include 20 Georgia survivors of violent crime, including but not limited to, homicide, incest, labor trafficking, human trafficking, sexual assault, child abuse, domestic violence, and other serious offenses.

All members will be appointed to a two-year term by the director of CJCC. GSAC will be supported by CJCC, with a designated staff member available to assist GSAC members throughout their term.

GSAC will meet quarterly (four times a year) in Atlanta.

What will happen at GSAC meetings?

GSAC members will lead this initiative by sharing experiences with Georgia victim assistance resources and providing input on education and awareness goals, grant-funding priorities, legislative initiatives, and training needs.  Each year, GSAC members will agree on a Council project that seeks to better the services delivered to victims of crime.

At the end of each year, GSAC will compile a summary of their activities and future recommendations to improve justice and healing for victims of crime.

How do I become a member of GSAC?

If someone is interested in joining GSAC, they are welcome to apply using the link below. Applications will open on January 14, 2020 and close on February 15, 2020.

Soon after, selected applicants for the inaugural council will be screened and interviewed. Selected applications will be contacted and appointed by the director of CJCC.

The first meeting will take place in the spring of 2020.

For additional information and support, please contact:


Victim Assistance Division Director Kristy Carter