Georgia Crime Victim Service Collaboration & Innovation Award

As the discipline of crime victim services has grown over the years, so has the number of remarkable individuals and organizations that significantly contribute to its success. Today, the field includes countless people and programs that have, through vision, action, dedication and leadership, improved the lives of victims in the aftermath of crime.

This prestigious award honors extraordinary individuals, task forces, or programs that provide services to victims of crime. The Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) would like to recognize those whose work has been particularly noteworthy, and who exemplify the long-term commitment that characterizes many victim service providers, some of whom are also victims of crime. 


Eligibility Requirements:

Carefully review the nominator guidelines to determine whether the candidate you wish to nominate is eligible for an award.

You may nominate one or more notable projects/candidates, including task forces, coalitions, teams, or a collaborative initiative.

Nominator Guidelines:

  • Describe why the nominee is deserving of this prestigious award from CJCC.​
  • What did the nominee accomplish on behalf of crime victims that is particularly noteworthy?​
  • How does the nominee’s service or program affect the community or other jurisdictions?​
  • How do the nominee’s actions influence attitudes, policies, or practices in victim services?​

Nomination Letter Guidelines:

  • Each submission must include the nominee's full name and email address. If you are nominating an organization, program or team, please provide the name and email address of the individual(s) who would accept the award on behalf of the organization.
  • Use the letter to provide a complete picture of the nominee's accomplishments. Assume that the selection committee is completely unfamiliar with the nominee's work.
    • Include specific examples that address what the nominee has achieved, how the nominee accomplished these achievements, and why the nominee's achievements have significance that should be recognized with a Georgia Crime Victim Service Collaborative and Innovative Project Award.
    • Explain what efforts the nominee has contributed to the victim services field that are unique, exceptional, or go above and beyond the everyday job duties. Describe efforts such as:
      • extraordinary actions,
      • significant obstacles overcome, and
      • groundbreaking achievements.
    • Explain how the nominee has demonstrated leadership or teamwork in achieving these efforts. Describe elements such as:
      • visionary thinking or initiative,
      • innovative methods or creative ideas, and
      • collaboration or bringing together different groups.
    • Explain why the nominee's efforts represent change for victims or the victim services field that is or will be enduring. Describe efforts such as:
      • extraordinary benefits, restitution, or healing for victims,
      • laws that have been passed, and
      • programs that have been replicated.
  • Be as specific as possible, and include milestones, numbers, and statistics where appropriate.
  • Write clearly and directly and include pertinent details without providing extraneous or unrelated information.
  • Ensure that all information submitted is accurate.

Click HERE for award application. 

For more information contact Dannielle Lewis by phone at 404-657-2075 or by email at  .