Arrest-Related Deaths Data Collection Coordination


The SAC is the state coordinating agency for arrest-related deaths data.  The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) collects these data from every state to inform officer training needs.  In conjunction with Research Triangle International (RTI), BJS has developed a website and resource about this program.

As the coordinating agency, the SAC works with the Georgia Bureau of Investigations, Medical Examiner's Office; and, with metro-area medical examiners to identify deaths that occur during the course of an arrest.  Once a death is identified, the SAC reaches out to the local law enforcement agency to request that they complete the reporting forms.  Those completed reporting forms are then submitted to the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

Effective CY 2014, the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) has put a halt on data collection for this program.  The SAC worked closely with numerous stakeholders and law enforcement agencies in CY 2013 to gather comprehensive and complete reports. Until further notice from BJS, we will no longer collect these data.