She has over 27 years of service, having serve the city since June 30, 1992. Shealane has always believed that GOD created man for a purpose and as she has tried her best to serve HIM, she would always try to serve Them. Within the 27 years of service, she has worked very closely with Command Staff, fellow Officers and Investigators, other Law Enforcement Agencies (including local jurisdictions, State and Federal Agencies and Courts), as well as Citizens. Shealane has held various positions during her time with Atlanta Police Department: Foot Beat, Mobile Patrol, Crime Analyst, Repeat Offender Officer, POST Certified General and Senior Instructor, Crime Lab Technician, Certified Marijuana Examiner, NIBIN Analyst, Undercover Vice Member (as an Officer and an Investigator) and Investigator of Special Victims (Crimes against Children, Domestic Violence and Adult Sex Crime), all positions held in high esteem.

Shealane attend Albany State University and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. She is a native of Athens, Georgia and was raised in Atlanta. Shealane was raised by a single mother, who only asked that she always try her best…. And she always has and always will.