Work Group 8: Survivors Recovering and Thriving

General Target Population: Population:  Survivors whose cases are or soon will be closed.

General Factors Addressed: Victims or former victims of CSEC, which may include young adults above the age of 18.

General Focus of Projects: Providing specialized support to survivors of a long-term nature to include preparing for and entering college, career planning, etc. 

Project Name: "THRIVE Volunteer Recruitment and Training"

Target Groups: 1) Survivors of exploitation as well as those at-risk; 2) Volunteers

Target Risk Factors Addressed: Victims or former victims of CSEC as well as those at high-risk

Description of Project: To enhance the therapeutic and academic experience for survivors of exploitation and those at-risk by activating volunteers via recruitment and training.

Goals and objectives: 1) Recruit 100 volunteers; 2) Train volunteers