Work Group 8: Survivors Recovering and Thriving

General Target Population: Victims of commercial sexual exploitation.

General Factors Addressed: Mentorship, step-down support, and job readiness for victims of commercial sexual exploitation.

General Focus of Projects: Providing specialized support to survivors of a long-term nature to include preparing for and entering college, career planning, job readiness, etc. 

Target Groups: 1) Victims of commercial sexual exploitation of children.

Target Risk Factors Addressed: A lack of support for CSEC victims regarding career planning.

Goals and Objectives: Providing CSEC youth with the opportunity to feel inspired by the potential opportunities of their future. 

Description of Project: Supporting exploited youth currently residing in one of Georgia’s CSEC-specific residential facilities in the pursuit of their career aspirations by providing them with meaningful and applied experience in a career of their interest through a 4-hour job shadowing opportunity.