Work Group 7: Survivors Supported and Protected

General Target Population: CSEC survivors

General Factors Addressed: As determined by the CANS-CSE assessment

General Focus of Projects: To advance access to treatment and protection services needed by survivors that the current system lacks

Project Name: "Georgia CSEC Resource Guide" 

Target Groups: Direct service providers as well as CSEC survivors (confirmed survivors through Georgia Cares and/or survivors through other community level partner agencies) in Georgia

Target Risk Factors Addressed: 1) Lack of knowledge of services for providers as well as for survivors; 2) Lack of resources available to survivors of exploitation in the State of Georgia; 3) Trauma exposure/recovery; 4) Relapse prevention

Description of Project:  Developing an informal resource guide to assist providers in serving CSEC survivors in Georgia

Goals and Objectives: To reduce the vulnerability of CSEC survivors in the state of Georgia by connecting them with needed resources in their region