DUI Memorial Fund

The next of kin to victims of vehicular homicide caused by someone driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, may request that the Department of Transportation place a memorial sign at the crash site or in close proximity of the crash site. The next of kin must submit an application to the Georgia Crime Victims Compensation Program for an eligibility determination. If the claim is deemed eligible by the Georgia Crime Victims Compensation Program, a check will be forwarded to the Department of Transportation to produce and erect the sign.


The vehicular homicide must have occurred in the State of Georgia on a state highway. There must be a charge of vehicular homicide caused by a violation of O.C.G.A. 40-6-391 (DUI statute). To be considered for eligibility the crime must have occurred on, or after, May 13, 2004.


Applicants are encouraged to read through the program overview above before applying. Applications can be mailed or faxed. If you have any additional questions regarding the DUI Memorial Sign Program, please call the Crime Victims Compensation Program at 800-547-0060, or email victims.info@cjcc.ga.gov for additional information.

 DUI Memorial Fund Application
Click the above link to download application.

DISCLAIMER: The information listed above only outlines some of the eligibility requirements for the program. There may be other factors that are not mentioned in this document that factor into our eligibility determination. If you have any questions, please call the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council at the number listed above.