COVID-19 Victim Assistance Emergency Funding Program for Subrecipients

To support victim service programs through this challenging time, the CJCC Victim Assistance Division has released an emergency assistance request application. This application will prioritize additional funds for emergency housing, staffing support, general operation supplies, and sanitation needs.

Applicants are limited to victim assistance providers currently funded by CJCC and to agencies which have experienced economic hardship as a result of acts of nature (hurricane, fire, flood, earthquake, etc.) or other catastrophic events (accident, crime, health pandemic, etc.). The need must result from an "unforeseen event” in which current funding cannot fulfill the emergent needs adequately. 

The funding source for these emergency assistance funds are derived from various federal funding sources. Approved applicants will be notified of the funding source and the applicable rules and regulations which govern the fund source.

To apply for emergency assistance funding please visit the following page:

Current Grant Opportunities